International classification for trademarks - Class 12:

Trademark Class 12 is one of 45 NICE classifications used to classify products and/or services.

Class 12 for trademarks a brief description: 

Class 12 includes mainly vehicles and apparatus for the transport of people or goods by land, air, or water.

Class 12 for trademarks header: 

Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air, or water.

Class 12 trademark application Owners:

  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
  • Tata Motors Ltd
  • Lurssen
  • Oceanco
  • American Eagle Canoes
  • Novacraft Canoes
  • Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering

Class 12 includes, in particular:

Mainly Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air, or water. Those goods Class 12 includes, in particular, motors and engines for land vehicles; couplings and transmission components for land vehicles; air cushion vehicles; remote control vehicles, other than toys; parts of vehicles, for example, bumpers, windscreens, steering wheels, tires for vehicle wheels, as well as treads for vehicles. However, we can see other goods related to Class 12, but they are protected under different classes, such as Class 7. Class 7 includes motors, engines, couplings, and transmission components, other than for land vehicles, parts of all kinds of motors and engines, for example, starters, mufflers, and cylinders for motors and engines, and rubber tracks being parts of crawlers on construction, mining, agricultural and other heavy-duty machines.

Class 12 for trademarks does not include:

Fire engines and certain parts of vehicles, for example, electric batteries, mileage recorders, and radios for vehicles as are protected under (Class 9). Along with tea carts (Class 20), automobile carpets (Class 27), tricycles for infants and scooters, toys (Class 28), and railway material metal (Class 6).

As you may register your trademark under Class 12. You may need to consider these related classes as well, as you need to be sure that you are choosing the right class for your trademark before you protect under Class 12–

Class 6- (Common Metals):  transportable buildings of metal; metal containers for storage or transport;

Class 9- Computers and Scientific Devices.

Class 7- (Machines): motors and engines, except for land vehicles; machine coupling and transmission components, except for land vehicles;

Class 20- (Furniture): as well as certain goods made of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum and substitutes for all these materials,

Class 19- Building Materials.

Class 35- Advertising and Business Services.

Class 40- Material Treatment Services.

Class 37- Construction and Repair Services.

Changes in the nice classification relating to trademark goods on Class 12

Under Class 12 there are new items that have been added in the latest edition of the Nice Classification (the 11th Edition) and they are Robotic cars and Rubbish trucks.

Trademark Class 12 and the Metaverse:

The Metaverse is a virtual reality environment where individuals may interact, play, and work. Another way to put it is that we are attempting to combine and integrate our actual and virtual lives. While the Metaverse may be the next frontier of experience and technology, those with content-based business models can rest assured: it's been done before. Even in the digital world, where digital asset fraud is all too common, intellectual property can and should be properly secured. Some people are skeptical of the Metaverse concept because IP protects things in the real world, but how can something virtual and non-real be protected?

Understanding the main elements of Class 12: 

Class 12 in Nice classification is divided into the subsections below:

Trademark Class 12 - Subsection 1

  • Vehicles and conveyances
  • Land vehicles and conveyances; like human-powered trolleys and carts, mobility conveyances, and rail vehicles.
  • Air and space vehicles
  • Water vehicles
  • Parts and fittings for vehicles; such as wheels and tires, continuous tracks for vehicles, anti-theft, security, safety devices, parts and fitting for air, space vehicles, water vehicles, and land vehicles and for the last one it includes powertrains like engine and motors especially for land vehicles.

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