Deciphering Class 45 of Nice classification for trademarks: 

Trademark Class 45 is one of 45 NICE classifications used to identify and classify products and/or services.

Class 45 for trademarks a brief description: 

Class 45 includes mainly legal services; security services for the physical protection of tangible property and individuals; personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individuals.


Famous brands protected on Class 45: 

  1. Amazon Technologies 

  2. Meta Platforms 

  3. Apple Inc. 

  4. Advanced New Technologies Limited 

  5. Kirkland & Ellis LLP

  6. Latham & Watkins LLP

  7. DLA Piper

  8. Baker McKenzie

Trademark Class 45 includes, in particular:

  • Services rendered by lawyers, legal assistants, and personal advocates to individuals, groups of individuals, organizations, and enterprises;

  • Investigation and surveillance services relating to the physical safety of persons and security of tangible property;

  • Services provided to individuals about social events, such as social escort services, matrimonial agencies, and funeral services.


Trademark Class 45 does not include, in particular:

  • Professional services giving direct aid in the operations or functions of a commercial undertaking Class 35.

  • Services relating to financial or monetary affairs and services dealing with insurance Class 36.

  • Escorting of travelers Class 39.

  • Security transport Class 39.

  • Services consisting of all forms of education of persons Class 41.

  • Performances of singers or dancers Class 41.

  • Computer programming services for the protection of software Class 42.

  • Computer and internet security consultancy and data encryption services Class 42.

  • Services provided by others to give medical, hygienic, or beauty care to human beings or animals Class 44.

  • Certain rental services.


Changes in the nice classification relating to trademark goods on Class 45

  • Legal services relating to licenses

  • Legal conveyancing

  • Political lobbying services

  • Mortuary cosmetologists’ services respirologist's services

  • Surveillance services by drone

  • Law enforcement

  • Social introduction agency services

  • Personal shopping for others

  • Medical alarm monitoring

  • Security guarding of facilities via remote monitoring systems

  • Locating and tracking lost people and property

  • Legal process serving

  • Line sitting services


Trademark classes which are coordinated and similar to Class 45: 

A coordinated class is related to another class, usually because the PTO has determined that applicants filing within Class 45 often file in the coordinated classes, too.

  • Class 35 - Advertising and Business Services.

  • Class 36 - Insurance and Finance Services.

  • Class 39 - Shipping and Travel Services

  • Class 41 - Education and Entertainment Services.

  • Class 42 - Science and Technology Services.


Trademark Class 45 and the Metaverse:

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Understanding the main elements of Class 45: 

The EUIPO, in collaboration with WIPO, has developed a hierarchy of goods and services within a class to link the different products and to make the classification process easier. The hierarchy has no legal effect in trademark examination or the comparison of goods and services; it was only created as an assistive tool.

Class 45 in Nice Classification is divided into the subsections below:

Trademark Class 45 - Subsection 1 


  • Rental of fire alarms

  • Rental of fire extinguishers

  • Fire-fighting

  • Guard services

  • Inspection of factories for safety purposes

  • Monitoring of burglar and security alarms

  • Night guard services

  • Opening of security locks

  • Personal bodyguarding

  • Personal background investigations

  • Physical security consultancy

  • Rental of safes

  • Security screening of baggage

  • Tracking of stolen property

Trademark Class 45 - Subsection 2 – 


  • Astrological and spiritual services

  • Rental of clothing

  • Detective services

  • Dating services

  • Funerary services

  • Religious services

Trademark Class 45 - Subsection 3 – 


  • Adoption agency services

  • Alternative dispute resolution services

  • Arbitration services

  • Copyright management

  • Intellectual property consultancy

  • Leasing of internet domain names

  • Legal research

  • Legal document preparation services

  • Legal administration of licenses

  • Legal services concerning the negotiation of contracts for others

  • Legal advice in responding to calls for tenders

  • Legal watching services

  • Licensing of intellectual property

  • Licensing of computer software [legal services]

  • Licensing [legal services] in the framework of software publishing

  • Litigation services

  • Monitoring intellectual property rights for legal advisory purposes

  • Registration of domain names [legal services]

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