International classification for trademarks - Class 4:

Trademark Class 4 is one of 45 NICE classifications used to classify products and/or services. 

Class 4 for trademarks a brief description: 

Class (4) of the Nice Classification of goods and services for classifying trademarks includes industrial oils and greases, wax, lubricants, dust absorbing, wetting, and binding compositions; Fuels and illuminants; Candles and wicks for lighting.

Class 4 for trademarks header:

Industrial oils and greases, wax; lubricants; dust absorbing, wetting, and binding compositions; fuels and illuminants; candles and wicks for lighting.

Class 4 trademark application Owners

The top Ten applicants who filed trademarks internationally are:

  •  Total energies
  •  Mobil
  •  Chevron
  •  Exxon
  •  Benzol
  •  Idemitsu IFD
  •  Liberty oil
  •  Microil
  •  L’Air du Jardin
  •  Ethanol

Trademark common confusion between class 4 and other classes

Class 4 Vs. Class 2

Class 4 includes, in particular, oils for the preservation of masonry or leather, whereas if a brand is composed of anti-rust oils and oils that are for the preservation of wood, then the client must choose to register his brand under Class 2.

Class 4 Vs. Class 7

Class 4 includes motor fuels and biofuels that are used for the services of motors and engines that fall under Class 7.

Class 4 Vs. Class 11

Class 4 of trademark classification overlaps with products that fall under Class 11. Class 4 includes fuels and illuminants as well as candles and wicks for lighting   while Class 11 includes products responsible for lighting but in different shapes and structures such as lighting apparatus and installations, luminous tubes for lighting, and lights for vehicles. Also, it includes electric lamps, gas lamps, street lamps, etc.

Class 4 Vs. Class 37:

As aforementioned, Class 4 comprises industrial oils and greases, waxes candles, and wicks for lighting, fuels, and illuminants. On the other hand, Class 37 includes the process of oil and gas drilling, which may confuse the applicant whether the brand falls under Class 4 or Class 37.

Class 4 Vs. Class 3

Class 4 does not include essential oils that are included in Class 3.

 Coordinated Classes for Trademark Class 4

Class 4 has multiple of overlapping products related to different classes, which means that the coordinated classes with class 4 are:

  • Class 2: Paints, varnishes, lacquers; preservatives against rust and deterioration of wood; colorants, dyes; inks for printing, marking, and engraving; raw natural resins; metals in foil and powder form for use in painting, decorating, printing, and art.
  • Class 7: Machines, machine tools, power-operated tools; motors and engines, except for land vehicles; machine coupling and transmission components, except for land vehicles; agricultural implements, other than hand-operated hand tools; incubators for eggs; automatic vending machines.
  •  Class 11: Apparatus and installations for lighting, heating, cooling, steam generating, cooking, drying, ventilating, water supply, and sanitary purposes.
  • Class 37:Construction services; installation and repair services; mining extraction, oil, and gas drilling

Changes in the nice classification relating to trademark goods on Class 4

No recent changes done to this class.

Trademark Class 4 and the Metaverse:

Metaverse is a digital avatar-based universe. It is a virtual reality that allows users to interact, play games and experience many things they can do in real life. Certain filings revealed that the company “Chevron” has certain plans in the future that entail compatible stores and gas stations in the metaverse. On March 22 the trademark filings of the Chevron brand demanded for this brand to have virtual goods that include store products (lubricants, fuels, gasses). They should be downloadable as well.

Understanding the main elements of Class 4: 

Class 4 in Nice classification is divided into the subsections below:

Trademark Class 4 - Subsection 1 – 

  • Fuels and Illuminants
  • Candles and wicks for lighting
  • Wood for use as a fuel
  • Non-chemical fuel additives
  • Bio Fuels

Trademark Class 4 - Subsection 2 – 

  • Electrical Energy
  • Dust controlling compositions
  • Lubricants and Industrial Greases, Waxes and Fluids
  • Preserving oils for Masonry or Leather

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