‌Emerging Markets Solutions Module
Navigate the complexities of emerging markets with our specialized module designed to support brand owners throughout the entire lifespan of a trademark. This multifaceted module addresses the unique challenges presented by emerging markets, including limited online resources, inconsistent data governance, and securing reliable local representation.

  • Trademark Search: Conduct preliminary searches and receive detailed reports complete with high-level opinions, backed by clear, reasoned analyses to guide your strategic decisions.
  • Trademark Watch Service: Vigilantly monitor your trademarks and those of your competitors. Customize your watch settings to include:
    • Notification Timeframe: Specify how frequently you wish to receive updates.
    • Mapping Options: Filter notices by local trademarks registered by applicant, class, or brand owner.
    • Notification Management: Decide the recipients of these notices, whether it’s you, your international agent, or your local agent, and define the management process.
  • Trademark Registration: Simplify the process of nationalizing applications that claim priority. Our four-step system allows you to send instructions to multiple local agents in a clear and unified manner, reducing errors with the help of AI-enabled reviews.
  • Trademark Renewals: Streamline renewals with our two-click process tailored by country of interest. This feature is especially useful for brands and agents managing large portfolios, helping to maintain deadline compliance, unify information, and ensure stakeholder alignment.

Leverage our Emerging Markets Solutions Module to enhance your brand’s presence and protection in complex markets, ensuring smooth operations and strategic management of your trademarks.

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