‌Unified Communication and Docketing Module

Streamline your brand management with our all-in-one communication and docketing module, designed to consolidate all your brand stakeholder interactions and updates in one seamless platform:

  • Centralized Communication Hub: Access emails, messages, search engines, and phone calls all in one unified location. This central hub allows you to manage communications efficiently, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.
  • Real-Time Portfolio Updates: Stay informed with real-time updates and insights on your trademark portfolio. Our module serves as a single source of truth, aligning your records with official and agent databases for unmatched accuracy.
  • Trademark Prosecution and Maintenance: Monitor the status of your trademark's prosecution process with real-time access to all relevant documents. Easily check renewal deadlines, generate reports, and send instructions to your preferred agents, all from one centralized platform.
  • White Label Capability: Customize this platform with your law firm’s branding to offer a cohesive and professional look to your clients. Enable your clients to access a personalized online portal where they can manage their trademark service rendering process directly. This feature not only enhances client engagement but also strengthens brand loyalty by providing a consistent user experience that reflects your firm’s identity and values.

This module empowers you to maintain full control over your trademark activities, ensuring efficient management and communication across all channels.

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