‌Global Agent Network Module
This module is designed to facilitate robust networking, collaborative and onboarding opportunities between lawyers, brand owners, and intellectual property (IP) agents worldwide.

  • Connect with Global IP Agents: Easily find and engage with IP agents across various markets to expand your reach and streamline your operations.
  • Access In-depth Agent Profiles: Each agent profile includes detailed reviews, client testimonials, and feedback to help you make informed decisions.
  • Evaluate Performance Metrics: Assess potential partners with data on average response times and preferred agent status, ensuring you connect with top-tier professionals.
  • Ensure Quality Standards: All listed agents undergo a rigorous pre-vetting process to meet minimum quality standards, confirming their credibility and competency.

This module not only simplifies the process of finding and vetting IP agents but also strengthens your global network, enhancing your trademark portfolio management.

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