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All you need to know for a trademark registration in Jordan

2021-07-28 20:44:53

Trademark registration process in Jordan

Trademark registration involves 3 steps, filing, publication, and registration. What differentiates easy trademarks is the fact that you will pay for each step at a time.

As a trademark in Jordan is protected from Filing date the sooner you start with filing the sooner you are protected.

Documents required for trademark registration in Jordan

In order to protect your trademark in the Jordan you will need a Power of Attorney and if you are a resident you will need a copy of your trade license. The documents can be submitted 60 days after filing.

If you are a resident or a national of Jordan then the Power of Attorney should be notarized and a copy of the trade license is sufficient.

If you are not a resident nor a national of Jordan then you will only need a Power of Attorney which should be legalized. There is no requirement to submit the trade license.

Fees for trademark registration in Jordan

Costs relating to trademark registration are both official and professional. Official fees are fees paid to the government for processing your trademark registration, and are required to be paid for each phase of the process. In Jordan the total official fees for trademark registration is USD685                                              

Our professional fees ranges from USD160 to USD 299 depending on the package you choose. Once you are ready to start choose the package you want and you will see the total official fees and professional fees for each package.

Service level Guarantee for trademark registration in Jordan

If you require approval from management, you can print this page and obtain approvals. Remember to choose the package you want. If you are not a lawyer, we recommend you choose the premium package.  We have individually vetted all trademark agents, and have provided them with a proprietary system owned by Easy Trademarks to guarantee the level of service you will receive.

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