Zoho partners with Falak Investment to empower startups in Saudi Arabia

According to Adwa Al-Dakheel, founder and CEO at Falak Investment Hub Saudi Arabia is on the forefront of innovation and startup ecosystems in the MENA With a booming ecosystem, a young and ambitious population, and a rising talent landscape, and such ecosystems are worthy of local and global partnerships to elevate , and inspire greatness from every existing founder and future founder. As long-te ...
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OKHTEIN an Egyptian Brand by a strong Duo Sister Leader

OKHTEIN a trademark which blends traditional craftsmanship, modern art and social impact
The Abdelraouf SISTERS, Aya, and Mounaz have made their mark in the fashion world by launching OKHTEIN, their revolutionary trademarked brand which they say represents who we are and how we've come to be where we are today. Their designs are categorized by their signature medieval motifs inspired by th ...
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Egypt-based foodtech startup BONBELL raised Pre-seed funding

Egypt-based foodtech startup BONBELL, has raised $350,000 from a Candian angel investor.
Founded in 2022 by Doaa Abdel-Hameed Co-founder & CBO, BONBELL offers a cloud-based online food ordering and delivery system, enabling restaurant managers to handle dine-in orders, table reservations, and curbside delivery.
BONBELL will use the investment to expand its network of rest ...
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What is the Difference Between a Trademark and a Service Mark?

What is the Difference Between a Trademark and a Service Mark?
Unless you have already used these two types of intellectual property, you may not be aware of their differences. A bank such as Citibank may use a service mark on unique services rendered, and a trademark on a product launched by the bank, the CITIBANK PERSONAL ASSISTANT trademark for example, which is both a trademark and a se ...
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Dubai Metaverse firm Everdome secures $10 million funding

Dubai Metaverse firm Everdome secures $10 million funding
Dubai-based metaverse company, Everdome, has secured a $10 million investment commitment from Bahama-based investment group, GEM Digital Limited.
The funding, will be through a structured token agreement, with Everdome controlling the timing and the number of drawdowns under this facility, and has no minimum draw ...
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What Is A Trademark?

According to WIPO (the world intellectual property organization), there are more than 13 million trademark applications filed each year. In 2020, that number was 17.2 million marks in individual classes. After all, trademarks are how consumers, whether businesses or individuals, recognize the products or services they are buying.
There are more trademarks in use today than there were histor ...
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Intellectual Property and World Cup

While we wait & watch to see which teams will make it to the semifinals, let’s see
How much intellectual property there is in the World Cup?
Several IP rights may be protected in the world cup, such as inventions, designs, brands, creative works, trade secrets, and plant varieties are all connected to the world’s most famous football tournament. 
1- Invent ...
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Startup Mindset: The Four types of Intellectual Property

Are you a business owner and want to familiarize yourself with the four types of intellectual property, otherwise known as IP? Ideas of all kinds, including discoveries, inventions, and works of literature and art, can be created by human minds. We speak with many entrepreneurs who don’t know where to begin when it comes to protecting their ideas and inventions.  Owners who take advanta ...
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The First Robot Lawyer in US courts

In February, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by DoNotPay will advise a defendant during an entire court case, likely making it the first-ever case defended by an AI. A ‘robot lawyer’ is all set to defend a speeding ticket on its first day in court next month
Legaltech and Easy Trademarks:
We at Easy Trademarks are looking forward to developing a robot specializ ...
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Can a dance move be considered a trademark?

After a teammate's son performed his celebration, Cristiano Ronaldo burst into laughter.
In January, the 37-year-old Portuguese veteran joined Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia.
The young child of teammate Talisca imitated Ronaldo's signature "Siuuu" pose.
Ronaldo was heartily amused by the kid's move.

Fame and trademarks
Being Famous has it ...
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