Online Trademark Tools

Trademarks are essential and important elements in businesses. There is no doubt that the Internet has changed the way we do business and more importantly the practice of trademark law and protection. In emerging markets, the online matters were not reliable, however with the wave of COVID all countries and governments were forced to be online, savvy and effective.With the increased reliance on th ...
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CASABLANCA! Background:
Casablanca is a coastal city on the Atlantic ocean Mid West Morocco. Casa blanca which literally translates to the white home is a bridge between traditionalism and modernism and is  great city to visit when travelling to Morroco. While coastal, the proximity to the sahara makes the temperature in Morocco high, therefore tea is naturally a go to drink which ...
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Valentine Themed Trademarks

In the occasion of St. Valentine’s day, there is a huge range of Valentine themed products have been trademarked over the years. Here are some fun valentine themed trademarks (click for USPTO details):

VALENTINE DUST – filed under class 28 - A non-consumable, non-toxic novelty confetti item consisting of confetti, oats, glitter, grains, and cinnamon encased in a ...
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Goods and services to protect your trademark on the metaverse

What goods and services should you apply for to protection your trademark in the metaverse?
Again, with the metaverse! I do not mean to sound like a broker record, but a lot of IP conflicts are taking place on the metaverse and based on our experience with trademark law it is best to be pro-active with your intellectual property protection than reactive, unless you have a lot of cash lying ...
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What is document legalization for trademark protection?

So many countries in the middle east ask for legalization, meaning a legalization of a power of attorney, a legalization for a deed of assignment, or a legalization for a commercial certificate. So what is legalization? 
What is legalization?
According to the dictionary legalization is the action of making something that was previously illegal permissible by law is legalization. ...
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Intellectual property at technology companies - the case of Oracle and Google

TECH Giants Oracle and Google battle over copyright for the last 11 years.
Background – Intellectual property at technology companies (Google and Oracle): 
The case started in a federal court in SanFrancisco back in 2010 when Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google citing copyright violation. At the crux of the case, Oracle claimed that Google plagiarized 11,330 lines of com ...
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Innovation and branding in the Pet food Industry

According to Ryan Bethencourt from, the Pet Food Industry Is Rotten and ready to be disrupted. Ryan is calling on Entrepreneurs to Step Up the game by investing in biotechnology for pet food. Ryan believes that entrepreneurs and business leaders can actually force the industry to change.
Below is an excerpt of the article:
Do you know the No. 1 food allergen for dog ...
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Federal trademarks vs State trademarks vs International trademarks in the USA

Google, Nike, and Facebook all have easily recognizable trademark symbols that are known worldwide. It is almost unheard of for these marks to be misused. But what about you? How do you protect your business logo, name, or slogan? There are some measures of trademark protection by "common law." But they are hard to enforce locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally. In this article, we wi ...
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The Huda Beauty Brand

Huda Beauty the brand:
Huda Beauty is a flourishing cosmetics company founded in 2013. The brand found its initial success selling false eyelashes in Dubai in 2011. This line of lashes was released in the United States in 2015 and found further success after it was reported that the Kardashian sisters were using Huda lashes. The beauty brand expanded its product lines to include foundation ...
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Temraza is Bringing Egyptian Fashion to a Global Audience

Temraza brand was born:
Creative Director, Lead Designer and Brand Founder Farida Temraz wanted to start a fashion brand that would bring Egypt to the forefront of global fashion. She didn't necessarily have a design background, but with $300 and a sewing machine, she started her fashion line. Temraza was born.
How Temraza became a well known brand:
In 2013, Temraz was invited ...
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