Why should I renew a trademark?

Just like you renew your ID card, or passport you should make sure to renew your trademark. In many instances if you do not renew the mark you lose it! 
The ability to renew a trademark indefinitely is one of the best assets associated with trademarks, so make sure you abuse and utilize this capability.
Not renewing a trademark which is being used and has a customer base has sev ...
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How long does a trademark renewal last?

In most countries, trademarks are valid for 10 years with a possibility to renew every 10 years.
Duration of a trademark registration varies depending on the country laws where it was registered. The attached table can help with monitoring the renewal deadlines, and use requirements.
Grace period is a period provided by the trademark office which allows trademark owners to renew a ma ...
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How to file a trademark renewal?

The required documents for renewals are the same in most countries.
The applicant needs to complete a renewal form which can be provided by the relevant application office, the applicant needs to provide a copy of the certificte initially issued, and proof that the trademark has been used in commerce. 
The said form shall be filled with the trademark details, number, classe ...
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Trademark renewal rules in the Gulf Countries (GCC)

Trademark renewal rules in the Arabic Gulf 
The protection period of the trademark in GCC is 10 years then the trademark becomes due to renewal, and it renewed every 10 years in the last year of the protection period.
And there is a period of 6 months the owner of the trademark still can renew his trademark but if this period is done and the owner didn’t settle the renewal ...
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Protecting your logo as a trademark in the GCC

Uniqueness  and 6 other things and you need to know when trademarking your logo in the GCC; Saudi Arabia, United Arab emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar
Protecting your intellectual property rights is important to protect you and your clients. It is a complex process which requires legal expertise and assistance every step of the way, which is why we are here cont ...
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UAE Joins Madrid Protocol

The United Arab Emirates has joined the Madrid Protocol with WIPO Deputy Director Generals Binying Wang and Hasan Kleib, making it the 109th member of the Madrid System.
United Arab Emirates is now the 3rd country in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) after Bahrain and Oman  to join the Madrid Union.
The accession will ...
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Four ways to keep your intellectual property data secure

Online theft of data is increasing and expected to continue to increase with the shift to remote working. This shift adds a layer of challenges for companies and teams to properly manage data governance.
Intellectual property is often the most valuable data, whether it is trade secrets or patents, these are key ingredients which constitute the competitive edge, so to lose this to a competit ...
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Halloween and Trademarks

Halloween is a festival of ghosts which is celebrated on 31st of October.
October 31 became known as All Hallows Eve, or Halloween, and contained a lot of traditional practices before being adopted in 19th-century America through Irish immigrants which in turn brought their traditions across the ocean.
Its origin back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain which is a religiou ...
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Why register your trademark?

If you don't register your trademark, then someone else can, which immediately puts your business and any product or service you have developed and marketed at risk. Securing your brand by obtaining a registered trademark protects you venture, and empowers you with tools to prevent others from using identical or similar signs piggy backing off of the success of your business. In some instances, if ...
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Thanksgiving as a Trademark

Thanksgiving is a federal holiday in the United States and Canada. Canadians and Americans celebrate and give thanks with family and friends with bountiful traditional fare, which often includes roast turkey, mashed potato, green beans, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.
Americans celebrate this day on the fourth Thursday of November every year while in Canada it is celebrated on the second M ...
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