Who owns Christmas?

2020-12-24 09:09:26

It is the season again of reindeers, Santa clause, gifts, sparkling lights, eggnog, cookies and the entire shebang! it is my favorite time of year especially because of spending time with family and friends.

For such a jolly and collective holiday can anyone monopolize the name? Well some have tried to by registering Christmas words as trademarks!

There are more than 1,400 active trademarks registered on all classes in 36 countries. 7 of which are in the Arabic countries!

The top filers are in entertainment, publishing, charitable work, food, alcoholic products, lighting and decorations. Below is a brief of the main applicants highlighted;

·         DR. SEUSS ENTERPRISES, L.P                                                    23 trademarks

·         SAMARITAN'S PURSE                                                               22 trademarks

·         WESTERN CANADA LOTTERY CORPORATION                         20 trademarks

·         ALLIED DOMECQ SPIRITS & WINE LIMITED                            17 trademarks

·         SCHALER, KAREN R                                                                 13 trademarks

·         CASA LEY, S.A. DE C.V.                                                             12 trademarks

·         MARIAGE FRERES, SOCIETE ANONYME                                  11 trademarks

·         MR. CHRISTMAS INCORPORATED                                          11 trademarks

We are not aware of any legal disputes around the Christmas trademark, so thankfully no one is being a scrooge on Christmas. Unfortunately we cannot say the same for the Santa trademark  as there has been trademark disputes for more information refer to this article.

Don’t be scrooges, enjoy the holidays and stay safe!!


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