What should you do if you forgot to renew your trademark?

2021-05-09 22:15:49

So what should you do if you forgot to renew your trademark?

Usually trademark laws provide a grace period for renewing trademarks. So, decide if you are still interested in the trademark 

If you Are then; 

Check local laws to see what the grace period is it is usually six months from the expiry date. During the grace period a trademark can usually be renewed but additional penalty fees will be paid due to delays in renewals. If you would like to renew the mark, refer to our guide on how to renew a trademark using the easy trademarks platform. 

If you forget to renew your trademark and the grace period has lapsed, then the only option available would be to re-file the trademark.  Refer to our guide on how to file a trademark if you would like to do so on the easy trademarks platform. 

In many jurisdictions, only the owner of a trademark which was not renewed can file an identical mark within 3 years following expiration. this is valid for trademarks in Egypt and trademarks in Saudi Arabia. 

Refer to our renewal guide which clarifies; 

- When to renew your trademark? 

- How long the grace period is? 

- What type of requirements are required? 

If you need help with trademark renewal refer to our team who are always here to help! 

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