What is a statement of use in USA?

When applying to register a trademark with the USPTO – the USPTO requires that you submit a proof of the actual use of your trademark to sell your products and or your services. This could be shown through an existing website where you sell your services or product, or a product sample that is actually being sold. Acceptable specimens are images of your products, or in the tags, or product labels that show your trademarks. As for services, you can include the website that you use to provide your services, a service brochure that you may have as well as advertisements displayed or published in magazines or on billboards. Each trademark application for each class in the USPTO, will require you to submit a specimen of use, to comply with providing a statement of actual use. In the case that you have not provided any services, or have not manufactured any products we will need to submit a statement of intent of use. If you do not file an actual statement of use at time of filing, you will have a 6 months’ period after examination is completed to submit a statement of actual use, which includes your specimen. This is required to complete your registration and must be accompanied by a fee. No fee is required if the actual statement of use is submitted at the time of filing. You can also ask for an extension of 6 months beyond first 6 months' period to submit the statement of actual use, for an additional fee.