What are Classes?

When protecting trademarks, an applicant has to decide what specific goods and services to protect the trademark will be applied on. These gods and services have been grouped into 45 classes based on the Nice agreement. The international classification of goods and services for trademarks is composed of 45 classes. Classes 1 to class 34 relate to goods and classes 35 to 45 relate to services. Trademark classification serves two functions: it provides a guideline for registering trademarks, and it can help you identify potential trademark infringers. When you file your trademark application, you must select the class of goods or services that your trademark will protect, and you must also identify the goods or services you provide. Your trademark will only protect the goods, services and class that you name in your application. You can check out our video to know about how to choose your classes and check our blog to know if all classes are available locally.