Can I register my trademark internationally?

Trademarks are jurisdictional rights so you have to protect your trademark in each country you would like to use or protect the trademark in. There is a way to protect your trademark internationally, called the Madrid system, however you still need to choose what countries to protect the trademark in and you have to meet certain conditions to be able to use this system; (1) You should be a natural person who is a resident or a national of a Contracting Party to the Madrid Agreement or Madrid Protocol; OR (2) You should be a legal entity that is established and has significant operations in a Contracting Party to the Agreement or the Protocol. Choosing what countries, you wish to protect the trademark in, is required whether you choose the Madrid route (international trademark application) or the national registration route. Choosing the Madrid route is not always the most effective way to protect your trademark, brand, or logo, as not all countries are party to this system, and depending on the country you are choosing and the trademark, it may be more expensive, less effective, or more time consuming to utilize the Madrid system route.