What is the difference between a brand and a trademark?

Your brand represents your reputation and business in the public eye, whereas a trademark is the legal protection of these aspects that are specific and unique to your company. Many people interchange the use of trademarks and brands, and it is completely understandable why, but it is important to differentiate the two in order to remember what parts of your brand are legally protected and monopolized and can be capitalized on and what parts are not. A quick and simple way to remember this is to remember the "all-but-not-all" rule, whereby all trademarks are brands, while not all brands are trademarks. Since trademarks are aspects of your brand which are specifically protected in a country and to cover a specific list of goods or services, to maintain trademark protection and the legal ownership, a trademark owner should pr-actively apply to register their trademark, or renew their trademark upon expiry. Regardless of whether a trademark is composed of an image, a color, a word or a combination a trademark has to be registered and renewed in order to remain enforceable. Registration takes place in each country/ region independently. Make sure to register your trademark in your biggest demand and supply markets such as the United States, Europe, Turkey, China, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia.